• Vietnam is a big and reliable supplier of home decor and gifts with over 2,000 craft villages nationwide
    • Wide ranges of products, both authentic and contemporary designs
    • 500 Selected exhibitors in 12 countries in the region
    • Just ahead of the other fairs in the region
    • Focus on new design and sustainability

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    The catalogue for Lifestyle Vietnam 2018 will be available in April 2018. To get an impression, please feel free to download the 2017 catalogue or refer to this year exhibitor list.


    Better compliance for development

    In the recent years, the international buyers are paying more and more attention to the home décor and handicraft products of Vietnam. However, according to the recent survey conducted by the Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association, 67.4% of them is also demanding their Vietnamese suppliers to meet international compliances, especially the quality compliances (31.9%), social compliances (24.6%) and environmental compliances (22.3%). Besides, other compliances related to the security, fire…are also the increasing concerns of the buyers

    Facing this situation, to maintain and develop international markets, Vietnamese handicraft companies focus on the building capacity and implementing of the various international compliances which are popularly applied by the buyers like BSCI, ISO, REACH, SA8000…, and at the same time, to study about other alternative compliances like Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Factory Capability & Capacity Audit (FCCA) that are being required by the US buyers…

    So far, with the restless efforts, there’s over 73% of the Vietnamese handicraft companies acquired comprehensive knowledge on the compliances. This is an encouraging figure, it allows Vietnamese handicraft companies to proactively approach influential international buyers, at the same time, to offer international buyers better opportunities to find qualified suppliers for the international market.

    Sustainable design – Vietnam’s new approach

    As a country with more than 2000 craft villages, Vietnam is home of many traditional handicraft products with rich diversity in designs using sustainable materials such as rattan, bamboo, wood, silk, etc.

    In the era of international economic integration, while many countries in the region focus only on quantity and use eco-destructive materials, leading tragic consequences to workers’ health, as well as to the environment, Vietnamese handicraft has its own approach: developing based on sustainable design.

    For this purpose, since 2010, Vietnamese handicraft has cooperated with UNIDO to build criteria for sustainable production to meet international customers’ needs and to disseminate to around 1000 companies across the country. Vietnamese handicraft also cooperated with Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) from Netherland to develop new design and to connect companies with sustainable production to European customers. Besides, Vietnamese handicraft has cooperated with TAF, EU, especially with Lund University of Swede to promote and support for companies using and developing sustainable materials, sustainable productions, sustainable designs.

    With restlessly effort, up to now, more than 50% Vietnamese handicraft companies has further development on sustainable designs. These companies meet sustainable criteria with proper certificates such as ISO, BSCI. This effort has affirmed Vietnam as a pioneer country in sustainable production to handicraft products.

    Vietnamese handicraft products adapt to customers’ needs

    Vietnam is the country which has the most traditional crafts in the region with 2017 handicraft villages spreading along the country. Since the 18th century, Vietnamese handicrafts have been exported to many countries in the world such as Japan, France and the UK. The typical handicrafts of Vietnam are bamboo and rattan products, ceramics, lacquerware, carved wood, handmade textiles ... Vietnam annually exports over $ 2 billion of handicraft products to more than 160 countries and territories in the world.

    Unlike many other countries, Vietnamese handicraft exporters have quite different production capacity, many of them have capacity to meet the needs of global retailers such as Walmart, Ikea ... with annual sales up to $ 50 million, but there are also many other companies who focus on high-end market segment and producing products with high content of designs. Vietnamese handicraft enterprises also accept small orders with good delivery time, average 40-45 days for the first container shipment and the next containers will be delivered faster. Retailing is also focused, companies can aso provide 1-2 m3 of products to customers and also ready to co-operate with other companies to supply products to international customers. It is really the flexibility in the business of Vietnamese handicraft that suppliers in other countries do not have.

    Lifestyle Vietnam is an opportunity for international importers, from retailers to wholesalers, importers and stores to find business partners. The organizer is also willing to co-operate with international importers to find suitable suppliers before the fair comes. The organizer is making efforts to bring the best impression to buyers during their time in Vietnam.

    National Trade Promotion booth at Maison Et Objet, France

    Maison et Objet- the most wel-known trade fair on handicraft and home decoration in Europe and over the world









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