Exhibitor Manual


SKY EXPO Vietnam International Conference Exhibition Center is located in Quang Trung Software Park, District 12, Ho Chi Minh city and about 11km from Tan Son Nhat international airport. The center is located on National Highway 1A connecting North – South and easily connected to Eastern provinces such as: Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh and the Western provinces of Vietnam: Long An, Tien Giang, Can Tho…

Exhibitor Manual

The Exhibition Center has full amenities such as parking lots, parks, restaurants, reception rooms… The Center also has a fully equipped Organizer Room, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. (LED screen, sound system, internet… capable of serving 250 attendees.


Customers renting and using fair premises at SKY EXPO must strictly comply with the following regulations:

  1. The exhibitor must take legal responsibility and display goods and services in accordance with the Commercial Law, Tax Law, and other relevant legal documents. Product introduction documents, maps… must fully demonstrate Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands.
  2. Construction units must pay a deposit to SKY EXPO 02 days before starting construction. This deposit will be refunded after the end of the event and handover of the site if no damage is caused to SKY EXPO’s facilities during construction.
  3. Receive, use and hand over the premises in accordance with the time and area of the Contract and the signed Contract Appendix (if any).
  4. Work and agree on a plan for Protection, Security, Fire Prevention, Sanitation, and Internet with SKY EXPO 10 days before the event. SKY EXPO undertakes these services.
  5. Provide booth layout diagrams, other services such as electricity, water, etc. to SKY EXPO at least 20 days before the event.
  6. Construction opening time at SKY EXPO Exhibition Center: From 8 a.m to 8:30 p.m. In special cases where construction is required outside of these hours, you must contact the SKY EXPO Management Board to register for overtime work.
  7. If any damage arises from the use of the premises, including whether this damage is caused by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s construction unit, the exhibitor is responsible for repair costs and compensation to SKY EXPO. Booth construction units need to make a construction deposit to the Exhibitor.
  8. Provide the SKY EXPO Management Board with the name of the unit, person in charge, and phone numbers of contractors working on other project (if any) 5 days before construction begins.
  9. The exhibitor has legal obligations for all insurance issues according to state regulations, is responsible for labor safety for construction contractors and is responsible for all risks caused by its services are provided on the SKY EXPO premises.
  10. All construction workers working at the SKY EXPO Exhibition Center must wear badges, shoes or sandals and must be fully equipped with labor protection equipment. Construction cards will be provided by the Event Organizer. Smoking is prohibited at the exhibition center.
  11. Participating exhibitors must self-preserve goods during construction and opening hours. To ensure fire safety, do not put packaging or flammable materials between the two walls of the booth or between the booth wall and the exhibition hall wall.
  12. Self-built booth construction units must do the construction in advance, and only carry out light assembly when arriving at the Exhibition area. It is not allowed to bring into the Exhibition Center machinery and equipment to cut or grind any materials that emit sparks and make loud noises such as welding machines, saws, cutters, grinders or other Liquefied petroleum gas tanks for construction purposes or weapons or flammable substances such as: gasoline, oil, alcohol, ethanol,… or flammable gases such as: hydrogen gas, acetylene gas,… or toxic gases such as: chlorine, ammonia,..
  13. Pressurized equipment such as gas cylinders and compressed air are allowed to be brought into the Exhibition Hall after obtaining a valid Inspection Certificate from the Inspection Center and under the supervision of SKY EXPO technical staff. .
  14. Do not use super glue such as 502, Dog glue,… and other types of super glue to stick to the walls, booth walls or Exhibition Hall floor. Cloth tape is allowed and must be removed before returning the premises.
  15. All materials and equipment for booth construction should not be placed against walls, partitions, or near doors and fire extinguishers of the Exhibition Hall. Do not drill, cut or nail into the walls, floors and partitions of the Exhibition Center.
  16. Do not use an oil paint brush to mark or position on the floor; Do not pour paint or any other liquid onto floors and technical ditches.
  17. All booth construction materials must not be placed against house walls, partitions, near doors and fire extinguishers. Equipment with a hard base must have grounding protection, such as lining with rubber or soft material, before placing it on the floor. Construction scaffolding must have wheels or scaffolding legs must be padded with soft material before construction.
  18. Do not directly construct items such as: spraying paint, plastering, sanding; Just roll the paint and lightly hand saw the finished steps. If necessary, use a sander with a vacuum function; When using saws or cutting wood, a vacuum cleaner must be equipped with it. During the construction process, there must be a tarpaulin covering the floor and surrounding area to protect the construction area.
  19. Do not arbitrarily connect electrical equipment to the Exhibition Center’s power source. Using the power source of the booths must be at the correct capacity as registered with SKY EXPO. The power distribution system must be installed out of the way of customers and away from hidden places to facilitate inspection. SKY EXPO’s technical staff will check and if there is a violation, it must be changed or discontinued.
  20. Each self-built booth of an exhibitor must be equipped with a fire extinguisher right from the day of receiving the construction site for the self-built booth.
  21. The walkway between two rows of booths is designed to be 3 meters long. Regulations on the height of self-built booths:
    • In Center A1 and Center A3: The area close to the wall has a maximum height of 4.5 meters, the area in the middle of the house has a maximum height of 5.5 meters meters.
    • Area of buildings A2, A4, A5: The area next to the wall has a maximum height of 4.2 meters, the middle area has a maximum height of 5.2 meters.
  22. Do not arbitrarily allow cranes, trucks and forklifts into the exhibition hall. In special cases, approval from SKY EXPO leaders must be obtained. To ensure safety, during the event and at the end: Goods taken out of the Exhibition area must have a confirmation from SKY EXPO.
  23. SKY EXPO has affiliated logistics units to perform goods transportation services domestically and internationally as well as at the Exhibition Center. If you have a need, you can contact SKY EXPO for more information. The exhibition organizers can cooperate with outside logistics units, but must pay a deposit to SKY EXPO during construction.
  24. SKY EXPO is a location with convenient advantages for transporting goods in and out 24/7 (no road restrictions). Trucks are allowed to enter and exit the gate as follows:
    • Trucks of 3.5 tons or less: Enter/exit Gate No. 1 (Gate QL1A – QTSC main gate) and Gate No. 2 (To Ky Gate – Main gate).
    • Vehicles > 3.5 tons, container trucks: Enter/exit Gate No. 4 (Road Gate No. 2).

The above regulations are issued by SKY EXPO. Relevant partners are requested to comply with the above regulations in the spirit of cooperation, respect and mutual understanding.

Please refer to the Service Price List at SKY EXPO here.