What's New at LifeStyle Vietnam

Dramatic change continues at Lifestyle Vietnam 2021 to offer highest benefit to its international buyers and exhibitors.

  • The scale of the fair is increased from 700 booths (387 exhibitors) in 2019 to 1,200 booths (almost 600 exhibitors) in 2021, of which more than 200 international booths from businesses all over the world.
  • Groups of products will be expanded enormously this year. In addition to traditional groups such as handicrafts and interior decoration, garden accessories, indoor and outdoor furniture, jewelry, the fair will include more home textiles, plastic household goods, leather shoes and handbags. We will also broaden categories of each product to give our buyers much more options.
  • Lifestyle Vietnam 2021 will focus on Creativity and Sustainability. There'll be 11 creative spaces to be set up, including (1) Basketry arts around the world (2) Ceramic art around the world (3) Handloom art around the world (4) Wood carving art around the world (5) Hi-tech and crafts (6) Low-carbon living spaces (7) Fashion of Mother & Baby (8) International One Village One Product Showcase (9) Vietnamese special gifts for tourists (10) Arts & Crafts of 53 ethnic minorities in Vietnam and (11) Arts and Crafts Publication space.
  • Lifestyle Vietnam 2021 is expected to attract about 3,000 importers from countries and regions all around the world and 15,000 Vietnamese customers to visit and trade at the fair.
  • Lifestyle Vietnam 2021 will showcase over 1,000 latest designs of artisans and designers from many countries around the world. 
  • Big areas of well-known One Village One Product (OVOP) craft products, hopefully from at least 30 countries will also be introduced.
  • The Organizer is always glad to arrange meetings between importers and Vietnamese businesses nationwide to create favorable conditions for importers and exporters to meet with suitable partners.

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