Vietnamese handicraft products adapt to customers’ needs

Vietnam is the country which has the most traditional crafts in the region with 2017 handicraft villages spreading along the country. Since the 18th century, Vietnamese handicrafts have been exported to many countries in the world such as Japan, France and the UK. The typical handicrafts of Vietnam are bamboo and rattan products, ceramics, lacquerware, carved wood, handmade textiles … Vietnam annually exports over $ 2 billion of handicraft products to more than 160 countries and territories in the world.

Unlike many other countries, Vietnamese handicraft exporters have quite different production capacity, many of them have capacity to meet the needs of global retailers such as Walmart, Ikea … with annual sales up to $ 50 million, but there are also many other companies who focus on high-end market segment and producing products with high content of designs. Vietnamese handicraft enterprises also accept small orders with good delivery time, average 40-45 days for the first container shipment and the next containers will be delivered faster. Retailing is also focused, companies can aso provide 1-2 m3 of products to customers and also ready to co-operate with other companies to supply products to international customers. It is really the flexibility in the business of Vietnamese handicraft that suppliers in other countries do not have.

Lifestyle Vietnam is an opportunity for international importers, from retailers to wholesalers, importers and stores to find business partners. The organizer is also willing to co-operate with international importers to find suitable suppliers before the fair comes. The organizer is making efforts to bring the best impression to buyers during their time in Vietnam.