Nepal handicraft at Hanoi Gift Show 2015

Nepal has gained immense popularity in handicraft production. The age-old profession is not only a traditional means of livelihood of a small percentage of population but also reflects Nepal’s rich culture and people’s love for art since time immemorial. After continuously attending Lifestyle Vietnam and Hanoi Gift Show 2014, nine Nepal handicraft companies under the support of The Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry will attend Hanoi Gift Show 2015 for the second time. The pavilion will introduce to Vietnamese and oversea buyers Nepalese Handicrafts that can be categorized into two major divisions: Traditional/Conventional Products such as metal statues, ethnic costumes, traditional silver jewellery, wood carving, religious and ritual objects like bells, vajra, stone sculpture, metal utensil, paubha painting, ceramics, Handmade Paper, Hand Knitwear, filigree, Bell, Vajra products are traditional Nepalese crafts.

Contemporary/Modern Products like home furnishing material, floor covering, modern painting, patina products, felt crafts, puzzle toys, macramé (knot crafts), pashmina, leather products, modern silver jewellery gift ware, decorative items, dolls & puppets, crazy hats, batik, bead Crafts, bone & horn products, natural buttons etc. are some of the modern forms of Nepalese handicrafts.

Please visit Nepal pavilion at Hanoi Gift Show 2015 (27-30/10 – to see various products from personal accessories like jewelry, scarves to ritual items.