Floor plan

The floor plan is arranged with nature in mind The organizer encourages exhibitors to design showcases in nice combination with its nature and purpose of use in order to create the best atmosphere at the fair.

Designs for sustainability Vietcraft offers international buyers two selected showcases where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces from choice Vietnamese designers, “green designs or D4S – Designs for Sustainability” offering a unique occasion for buyers to buy rare selections and limited edition series.

Where cultures meet You can find products as a result of collaboration between local and foreign designers – bridging the gap between modern and traditional.

Relaxing areas The relaxing areas are located conveniently at all the halls – this is the place where the visitors can take a rest, enjoy free soft drinks, check internet/e-mail free.

Restaurants The restaurants are located both indoor and outdoor to offer both visitors and exhibitors the traditional high quality Vietnamese fast foods.

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